Monday, November 13, 2017

1920's Voting Registries Show Diverse List of Residents in Locke

According to the 1920-1922 Voting Registry for Precinct 63 of Assembly District 15, the registered voters living in the town of Locke are as follows:

1. Fred Bard, Clerk,  Locke  (Republican)
2. John Barnholdt, Sea Faring, Locke  (Republican)
3. Matilda Barnholdt, Housewife, Locke (Republican)
4. Lau Bow, Butcher, Locke  (Republican)
5. Lee Bing, Merchant, Locke  (Republican)
6. George Blue, Laborer, Locke (Republican)
7. Fred Brown, Fisherman, Locke (Republican)
8. Edward A. Callopy, Agent, Locke (Republican)
9. George Carleton, Constable, Locke (Republican)
10.  Chon Chong, Laborer, Locke (Republican)
11.  Gan Moon Chow, Merchant,  Locke (Republican)
12.  Walter E. Davis, Chauffeur, Locke  (Republican)
13.  Cheun Duck, Laborer, Locke  (Republican)
14. Albert S. Fong, Butcher, Locke  (Republican)
15. Cleveland Hill, Carpenter, Locke  (Republican)
16.  Chan S. Hing, Farmer, Locke  (Republican)
17. Chung Hoy, Farmer, Locke  (Republican)
18. James E. Hunter, Wharfinger, Locke  (Republican)
19. William E. Islip, Clerk, Locke  (Republican)
20. Frederick C. Jacob, Superintendent, Locke (Republican)
21. Chun Kam, Merchant, Locke (Republican)
22. Chin King, Merchant, Locke (Republican)
23. Nate Kinkead, Bartender, Locke  (Democrat)
24. Pong Lum, Laborer, Locke (Republican)
25. Martin L. Malley, Laborer, Locke (Democrat)
26. Charles E. Mehner, Clerk, Locke (Republican)
27. Albert E. Munsey, Laborer, Locke (Republican)
28. Ray J. Osborn, Mariner, Locke (Republican)
29. Davis Owyang, Farmer, Locke (Republican)
30. Joseph R. Pimental, Superintendent, Locke (Republican)
31. Julia R. Pimental, Housewife, Locke (Republican)
32. Francis P. Riley, Drayman, Locke (Republican)
33. Mary B. Sato, Domestic, Locke (Republican)
34. William J. Shearer, Laborer, Locke (Republican)
35. Margaret M. Thatcher, Laborer, Locke (Democrat)
36. Chun Tin, Laborer, Locke (Republican)
37. William E. Turner, Bridge Tender, Locke (Republican)
38. Edna D. Walthall, Housewife, Locke (Democrat)
39. William H. Walthall, Foreman,  Locke (Democrat)
40. Ong Yip, Laundry, Locke (Republican)
41. Tong Yong, Farmer, Locke (Republican)
42. Wong Fin Yuen, Bookkeeper, Locke (Republican)

So as you can see, to recap, there were:

62% Caucasian Registered Voters living in Locke &
38% Chinese Registered Voters*** living in Locke, proving that even in its early years, Locke was a small but diverse town.

      ***It is also good to remember that in order to be listed as a registered voter 
      you had to prove citizenship. Thus each and every one of these people listed had to provide documentation showing they were citizens (whether the documentation they provided was real or not). This is an important factor to remember because if you could vote, you could buy land or own businesses because the Alien Land Law of 1913 did not bar citizens from owning property, only aliens. So if you had papers saying you were a Citizen, that law did not apply to you. Just an FYI. 

    Copyright 2017- J'aime Rubio 
    Sources: California 1920-1922 Voting Registries, Public Records.  

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