Tuesday, November 14, 2017

1926 Voting Registry Reveals Even More History

On this blog so far I have shown the names of registered voters living in Locke going as far back as 1916-1918, 1920-1922 and now I have the list from 1926, and trust me folks, I am far from being done here! I am going to keep digging and keep posting all the documentation that is out there, so the world can know the all encompassing history of Locke. Not just the history that others want to present to you. The world deserves to know all of it.

According to the 1926 Voting Registry which was noted as "Precinct 89 of Assembly District 15" the registered voters living in Locke were as follows:

  1. Charlie Adams, Laborer 
  2. Fred Bard, Merchant
  3. Kai Chan, Rancher
  4. Lin D. Chan, Merchant
  5. Chin King, Merchant
  6. Gan M. Chow, Merchant
  7. Kam Chun, Merchant
  8. Mrs. Helen Clarke, Hotel Keeper
  9. Edward J. Danfrath, Foreman
  10. Ernest Everly, Clerk
  11. Herbert Fox, Ranch Hand
  12. Dai B. Gan, Merchant
  13. Frank R. Gomes, Jr., Laborer 
  14. Chester S. Heath, Ranch Hand
  15. Cleveland Hill, Carpenter
  16. Mrs. Daisy Jones, Housewife
  17. Edward H. Jones, Bridge Tender
  18. Lee Bing, Merchant
  19. Mrs. Dorothy E. Lewis, Waitress
  20. Miss June B. Moore, Singer
  21. Alfred L. Muller, Warehouse Manager
  22. Mrs. Pinkie I. Muller, Housewife
  23. Mrs. Betty Parkison, Housewife
  24. Clement G. Parkison, Merchant
  25. Guy Read, Clerk
  26. Max J. Reese, Laborer
  27. Samuel W. Sanfillipo, Clerk
  28. William Schaak, Laborer
  29. James T. Slater, Mechanic
  30. Henry B. Starr, Barber

What I gather from this list is some pretty interesting people. For instance, we have a singer, a hotel keeper, a barber,  and many more people, including several couples who were living there in Locke, who were not Chinese. Again, this is more proof that Locke was a town full of diversity from its beginnings, with both Chinese & Caucasian, as well as many others. In this list we even see an Italian and Portuguese man registered as a voter/resident as well. 

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