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1930 Census Shows Diversity

1930 Census, Locke, CA
The 1930 Census records shows there were 550 residents living in Locke at the time. Out of those 550 people, there consisted 136 separate "households".  Most of the residents at the time were Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, American, Italian, along with Swedish, German, Japanese, Filipino, Mexican, Turkish, Armenian and various others.

Here are the surnames of those households: Carlton, Gay, Chan, Chung, Lom, Lewis,Chun, Ah,Mar, Chan, Tai, Ching, Jang, Low, Lemma,Chan Lin, Chans,Lee, Leong, Chan, Baker, Way, Benedix, Locke, Bard, Owyang, Sing, Chan, Yuen, Chan, Cheung, Lee, Chan,Chan, Kim, Chan, Witt, Chan, Chan, Chan, Law, Chong, Owyang, Lend, Foringer, Modick, Fadan, Muller, Reistetter, Kuramoto, Ross, Corpuz, Delacruz, Castillian, Yurasaki, Jacob, Dauegtost, Lederma, Perry, Rodriguez, Marino, Garcia, Stickel, Hehr, Lowrence, Brum, Herzig, Ledesma, Gonsalves, Bautista, Goureia, White, Jenkins, Nolte, Hollenstein, Caster, Gonsalves, Bentz, Chin, Schiling, Myer, Coleman, Stickel, Lindauer, Lenhart, Fuhsman, O'Donnell, Castellanos, Nelson, Radke, Aman, Espigaras,Gil,Guigni, Richina, Ruiz, Zbitnoff, Lyada, Fueranten, Ortega, Espiche, Luengo, Arigliano, Cafiero, Miller, Price, Kennedy, Kennedy, Cucciare, Casado, Petarine, Leslie, Arana, Chiccheng, Martin, Hanlan, Emodan, Gil, Novarro, Lopez, Lopez, Pegus, Romero, Rubiales, Silva, Navarro, Simonich, Lawrence, Miller, Fries, Moreno, Wardwell, Paredes, Salido and Garcia. (U.S. Census Records, 1930, Town of Locke)  

( ** note: the underlined names are Non-Chinese residents in Locke)

Also, according to the 1930 Census—

There were:  10 Chinese businesses, 3 Caucasian businesses, 1 Portuguese business, and 2 Japanese businesses running in Locke as of 1930:

Chinese: (3) General Stores (1) Cigar Stand (1) Pool Room (1) Dentist (1) Butcher Shop (1) Barber Shop (1) Restaurant (1) Rooming House

Caucasian: (1) Rooming House (1) Saloon (refreshment parlor) (1)Mechanic Shop

Portuguese: (1) Restaurant

Japanese: (1) Rooming House (1) Restaurant

I am still working on a spreadsheet for 1930's census, but I estimate that about 37% of Locke’s residents in 1930 were of Chinese ancestry (Chinese immigrants and Chinese-American born citizens). The other 63 % consisted of non-Chinese immigrants, children of non-Chinese immigrants born in the U.S. and Americans (Caucasian).  Even in 1930, Locke was a multi-cultural town, full of a wide variety of people from virtually every ethnic background. 

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U.S. Census Records, 1930, Town of Locke

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