Friday, October 23, 2015

A Forgotten Accident In Locke

Sac Union 6/20/1920
In my research into the history of Locke, I have discovered many stories about various events. Most of the stories are about scandals, crimes, illegal gambling, prostitution and even murder.

Scene of tragic accident
This event was an accidental death of a young boy by his best friend. This story touched me to my core, as any tragedy involving a child is a terrible loss to the world.

According to newspaper reports, on June 19, 1920, the death took place in the rear living quarters of Chin King's Butcher shop building in Locke. According to the book, "Locke and the Sacramento Delta Chinatowns", it states that Chin King was one of the partners who established the Yuen Chong grocery store. King operated his butcher shop inside the building.

King's son, Joe King* (Joe Kung), 6, and pal Fred Gunn, 9, were playing "highbinders," when Gunn decided to run home and retrieved his father's gun from beneath a pillow on his bed, bringing it back to play. He didn't know the gun was loaded and was pretending to shoot, saying "I'll teach you how to shoot!" when the gun fired.  The bullet penetrated his brain killing him instantly. He was brought to Sacramento for burial according to the newspaper accounts.

With all the history forgotten in Locke, let us never forget little Joe King and keep his memory alive.

-(J'aime Rubio, 2015, Copyright)

Newspapers state Joe Kung, however I believe that this may have been in error.

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